Cut from GD writing for Star Column

Cut from GD writing for Star Column
Ah!! And this is about the concert stage.Once the show starts the stage becomes a mess that’s almost like a battlefield~ We have to get dressed, fix our hair and makeup in a few seconds and appear on the stage like nothing happened. Lots of staffs work to make this happen. From all this chaos, I always do one thing. That is…MONITOR SEUNGRI’S SOLO STAGE!! 
It's cute when Youngbae and Daesung run out of the dressing room, even though they’re not ready, to watch Seungri ...^^

Seungri is still a little bro to us & everything he does is so cute so now it became like a program to monitor his solo stage. He appears to look cool but is it just us that it looks a little cute~?^^ (Seungri fans~ don’t misunderstand~! Seungri is always a cool member to us!!^^)
When we are done performing we gather and discuss about that day's performance. Fun stories that only we know, even though it's only guy members when we gather we talk endlessly ^^
We always said we will travel together but we never actually did. But through this tour, we were able to travel together. So this tour was a special time for me. Since we can't really go outside the hotel, we hung out in our rooms or in the pool. We were busy with solo and overseas schedules but from this tour, I got closer to my members than my family~^^ 
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