Heita Hate Ending, Thats Why He Doesn't Really Good at Start Something...

Heita Hate Ending, Thats Why He Doesn't Really Good at Start Something...

So, I just watch this Japanese Drama, Q-10. Takeru Sato is main star here, I will say it clear that this is a comedy romance drama, but it turn out I learn many things from here, about love, friendship and feeling.

It is not just Heita that hate ending, I do hate it. Maybe it also why I do not really good a start something, a love relationship is the hardest one for me, always be and always will. There is an invisible things that I afraid of every time I try to start "it". You may call I'm a loser about this, but that the fact, me my self also think that I'm a loser for this thing.

Maybe, I put too much effort in loving someone, that make me fall too hard when it doesn't goes well. Every fall time, give me a really huge debt for me to move on. Finding a new place and heart ain't always goes well here.

The last time I fell, I fell so hard, honestly I'm still freeze in a moment where I wish we never know each other for life, stuck in a moment that I still miss you so. Fell stupid?? Nah, I feel so dumb for being like this. But nothing I can do more about this. One of my best friend said "don't force your self to forget it, it only will keep hurting you. Just let it fly along with time. trust me there will be an instant moment where you will just forget about it, forget about everything. And that time will be your move on time".

The night where I still catch my breath when I find out you still in my dream is still often happen, I don't know why. Maybe because most part in my heart and brain still NEVER TRY to letting you go, still NEVER WANT to face the fact that there is no more us.

If Adele sing she will find someone like you, I sing I still only want you not someone like you...hahahaha..see I do falling to deep here, wishing to find a shining star that will build my courage to move from where I am now..

Adios... ^_^

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