Coffee Journey: Twelve Cups Cafe in Penang

Twelve Cups Cafe, Twelve My Day

Inside the cafe
It was a lousy night, and I have nothing to do. Me, my sister and my sister's friend, we just try to killed our time in Penang. Some said that Penang is a food paradise, too bad it was a bit hard for me to find halal food here, so I just jump from one coffee shop to another and its such a bless that we arrived in Twelve Cups Cafe that night. Well, actually I already saw this coffee shops like three times, before I finally went inside. First thing came into my mind was "Oh My God this is so CUTE!" then I decided that we will spending our night here in this cafe. Another caffeine fix in my journey.

For a regular coffee shop, this place is quite big. Black and yellow are the main colors in there. They decorated the place very well, it was neat and cute with a bit touch of industrial look. They hanging some paintings and also some artistic wall decorations around the room. A big rickshaw in the left wall, written GOOD is main decoration in the cafe. The chairs look so comfy, and yes it was. If I live here, it's possible that this place will be the place where I spend my day. I can do my "me time" here I believe.

As soon as I reached to the cashier area, I asked what best thing they have in here. She said, that they are good for mille crepes. Then  I asked, what is the best mille crepes flavor here, she said Hokkaido Chocolate is the most popular one. Then, I ordered it. A cup of Cafe Latte along with one piece Hokkaido mille crepes. While my sister order their Tiramissu mille crepes, and her friend order same Cafe latte and Matcha mille crepes.

The latte, compare to other latte I had here, this one definitely the best latte I got in Penang. The bitter taste of espresso blend so well with steamed milk, it's a decent one. Plus it served in a red coffee cup and saucer. Very Nice. Cafe latte will be a good choice if you spend your night here.

For the mille crepes, Hokkaido is really the best one, no wonder this menu is all time favorite mille crepes in Twelve Cups. I'm not a sweet tooth person, but this mille crepes met my taste. It was sweet but I can feel a dash of pleasant savory taste on it, so I think that is the taste that make this mille crepes perfect for me. I tried the Tiramissu and Matcha mille crepes, they were also amazing.

The price, well it's fair for me. You can get a pice of mille crepes for 10.50 RM while a cup of latte is for 9.90 RM. This fine right. Will come back here again if I do another trip to Penang.

Cheers... (^_^)

Inside the cafe

Inside the cafe
Cashier area

Coffee, tea or me

Cute plate decorations

Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crepes

Tiramissu Mille Crepes

Matcha Mille Crepes

Cafe Latte

Twelve Cups
12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 George Town, Penang 
Contact : 04-262 6812 
Email :
Operating hours: 10am-12am daily 
Instagram: thetwelvecups

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