Coffee Journey: Kanawa Coffee & Munch

Coffee Journey: Kanawa Coffee & Munch
"Coffee Shop with Smell of Something Fried in the Air"
Lately, I often went to some hip coffee shops in Jakarta and Kanawa Coffee and Munch is one of them. This coffee shop located in Jl. Suryo, Central Jakarta, next to Crematology another hip and famous coffee shop in town.

 From the outside this place is look so awesome, they have two floors with semi open air area on the top. The huge blue Kanawa signage in front of the shop even make this place look more attractive. But when you come inside the shop you will feel a little bit strange because this coffee shop is not smell like a coffee shop (for me). Yes, you wont smell any coffee aroma in the air, but you will smell "something is fried right now" in the air. Seems like their kitchen doesn't have good air circulation, it makes smell from kitchen come out to the main shop area. Just be prepare for it.

About their coffee, it was so so not a bad one but also not a decent one too. I ordered a cup of Hot Cafe Latte and they offered me to use their house blend which contain 40% Pasundan coffee bean. So I'm not surprising when the coffee taste so sour and for sure I will not order their house blend anymore in the future.

If you come here for meeting, so this is a good place to go. They have very fast enough WiFi connection ( I even can streaming on you tube). So that's good right.

If you come here on the week end, better come early, because this place is always full.

Anyway, people please, I know how "digital" we are now, but you are not going to coffee shop, order a small cup of Piccolo and disturbing people by taking some "model pose" pictures around the coffee shop. That a big no no really. Please.

Kanawa Coffee & Munch
Jl. Suryo No. 23, Jakarta 12180, Indonesia
Phone: 021-7201566

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